Saturday, May 24, 2014

Art + Flea Hawaiian May 2014!

It was so fun participating in this month's Art + Flea! The night was jam-packed with live music, ono food, fashion, art & fun for all! 

BIG mahalos to everyone that came out and stopped by! Mistprint has taken me on such an amazing adventure so far and I am truly grateful for the continued love & support!  Wishing you all a very wonderful weekend! :)

Friday, May 2, 2014


Always love supporting our local businesses here in Hawaii! One in particular that's a new favorite and definitely worth a visit is Treehouse!  This very cool shop located in Kaka'ako has all kinds of great tools & supplies that promote endless creativity and fun for everyone!

Every time I walk into Treehouse, I weirdly morph into being a kid in a candy store (true story I tell you)!  You'll find an array of goodies and gifts including film cameras, camera accessories, art supplies and fun DIY art & craft kits and more!

Great news! Treehouse is now carrying supplies for film processing, too!  The countless good times, adventures & friendships gained in taking up photography in college are priceless and remain with me still today!  There's just something so wonderful about the whole experience of learning film photography--learning to reel your own film, shooting, printing in the darkroom and just having the freedom to be creative! I'm over the moon happy that Treehouse gives current and future students this opportunity in providing the essentials for our local photography programs here on Oahu!

I'm so happy to have met Treehouse owner Bobby Asato. He is doing an amazing job providing the space and supplies to promote creativity for all ages!  Keep a look out for their awesome upcoming workshops & camera swapmeets, too!  For more information on Treehouse click here!

Definitely stop by for a visit to Treehouse and let's continue to support our local businesses! Select Mistprint items are currently available here, too!  Wishing you all a great Aloha Friday and a fun upcoming weekend! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Tea Farm Cafe!

If you're a little like me and appreciate a nice cup of tea, enjoy a cozy place to study (or meet up & talk story with friends!), or just have the urge to try something new...a visit to The Tea Farm Cafe is a definite must!

It's amazing how much varieties of tea you'll find here!  Ranging from Green, Black, Herbal, Fruity, Decaf, Iced or Hot... the choices are endless!  Be sure to check out their cute shelf of sample teas--pick a jar to sample the aroma or to read about the tea's origins & benefits!

 Not only will you find an amazing assortment of teas here, but check out their menu for a bite to eat or indulge on one of their sweet treats (LOVE their homemade tiramisu)!

Ervin & his Tea Farm staff have always made each visit a welcoming one! He's even got my order down to a "tea" (tee hee!)...but instead of getting my usual on my last visit (which fyi is a strawberry black iced tea slightly sweetened! YUM!), I decided to be "adventurous" in ordering something different which led to a Mango Rooibos iced tea (which was pretty gosh darn good!).

Definitely give The Tea Farm Cafe a visit and enjoy supporting our local businesses! You'll also find select Mistprint items available here, too! Wishing you all a "tea-riffic" day!!! :D

Friday, January 24, 2014

Art + Flea!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2014 is off to a great start for you all!!!  This year has just begun and it has already brought us new & exciting adventures!  It was an amazing experience being a first time vendor at this month's Art + Flea!  It was a night of fun celebrating local artists, music, food & supporting local businesses!  Much mahalos to Thanh and Patty for all your support (and helping me set up shop!) and to everyone who stopped by (and also for those of you who were there in spirit)!  It was a really awesome surprise to see many familiar faces, old friends & meet a bunch of new ones throughout the night! Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by and making this such a wonderful experience (especially being such a newbie :P)!

 It was great to see EngiNERDart just a couple booths down the way!  Chad is a very talented artist!  His woodblock prints are amazing and he's been so nice to share his process offering customers a hands-on experience letting them create their very own woodblock print to take home!  Just before closing up shop, Thanh and I were fortunate enough to create a print PLUS a couple special prints made by Chad himself! Check out more of his work here!

Such a fun night!  Can't wait to see what other adventures awaits us in 2014! Have a great Aloha Friday & an even greater Aloha weekend ;)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stand Up Eight!

Updating with some exciting news! Select Mistprint items will now be available at Stand Up Eight!

Stand Up Eight offers amazing handcrafted furniture, accessories & art created by an array of very talented, local artisans!  It's always an exciting and humbling experience taking a walk through the shop, as it's so clear to see the amount of passion, craftsmanship & quality that is produced in each piece of work. 

I'm so grateful to have met owner Mark Ariyoshi.  His work and dedication to supporting local and promoting creativity & sustainability is truly inspiring! 

There is something very wonderful about the spirit and the work of Stand Up Eight.  Whether it is a beautiful coffee table handcrafted out of reclaimed wood or a vintage school desk that has been restored and given a second chance for a new home, I love knowing that each piece is a product of great craftsmanship and is unique with its own character & story to tell. 

I am so very humbled to have my artwork carried here and already can't wait for my next visit to see what's new (or in some cases reclaimed, hehe)!  If you haven't yet made a visit to this awesome shop, please be sure to check it out! For more information on Stand Up Eight, click here! Happy Aloha Friday Everyone! :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Long Time No See!

Oh my good goshness it has definitely been a while since my last blog post!  I hope this belated entry finds everyone happy and doing very well! 

Boy do I believe in living in the moment and taking things a day at a time, but those moments & time still seems to seriously fly by!  As I've learned (and am reminded daily)  Life. Just. Keeps. Going. Yes, sirs & ma'ams, life is one big, non-stop, one way golden ticket taking us from on adventure to the next.  These past couple months have definitely been non-stop and jam-packed with seeing old friends, meeting new ones and has been a constant learning process all the way through....where do I even begin!? Here we go with a little recap, cliffnoted version on what's been going down:

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!  My best friend was back in town for her wedding!  I've known this girl since Grade-K and had such an amazing time celebrating this new beginning in her life!  It was a privilege being her Maid of Honor and being a part of such a special day!  It was truly priceless spending time with old friends & making new ones as we all came together to share so much love and excitement for the newlyweds! Speaking of reunited and time flying by (and also feeling kind of...old?!), also attended my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend and had a blast! :)

We're changing up some things for the cafe and have been playing around with new menu items such as fresh pressed juices & smoothies!  We are so excited and happy to offer these newbies to the menu packed with natural goodness and nutrients (and not only are they good for you, they taste soooo goood!).  It's definitely been a constant learning process as Thanh and I discover new ways we want to utilize the cafe- mainly to provide a space for creativity, bringing people together and being able to exercise sustainability & supporting local.  Stay tuned, there's more to come as we build up our new cafe & menu!

I've been going through a pineapple phase lately. I have recently grown a huge soft spot for this delectable fruit let me tell you! I even doodled one as I patiently waited a few days for it to ripen before I hacked it open (and even juiced!).  Pineapple Guru Thanh has taught me his trick at picking a sweet pineapple: smell the bottom of the pineapple; if it has a strong, sweet pineapple's good for the pickin'! (If you can picture me individually picking up and smelling each pineapple butt in the market, it wouldn't be so far from the truth haha!).

That may do it for some of the main highlights since my last entry.  I'm definitely learning something new everyday (even random facts about sloths?!) and am hoping to be better at updating and sharing all things to come!  Lots of Aloha to you all on this wonderful Friday!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I am so grateful and excited to have my artwork & greeting cards now available at Sugarcane!  This cute boutique located in Kaimuki carries a sweet array of locally made products and unique vintage finds!  

It’s always fun to take a look around the shop and be able to find cute gifts for any occasion (not to mention a few treasures to treat yourself to, too!). 

Swing by and check out what’s new (or in some cases what’s “old” since they always have cool vintage items!). I’m so happy I got to meet the owner, Jill, who is very friendly & sweet! If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by and visit this cute, little shop!