Friday, November 15, 2013

Stand Up Eight!

Updating with some exciting news! Select Mistprint items will now be available at Stand Up Eight!

Stand Up Eight offers amazing handcrafted furniture, accessories & art created by an array of very talented, local artisans!  It's always an exciting and humbling experience taking a walk through the shop, as it's so clear to see the amount of passion, craftsmanship & quality that is produced in each piece of work. 

I'm so grateful to have met owner Mark Ariyoshi.  His work and dedication to supporting local and promoting creativity & sustainability is truly inspiring! 

There is something very wonderful about the spirit and the work of Stand Up Eight.  Whether it is a beautiful coffee table handcrafted out of reclaimed wood or a vintage school desk that has been restored and given a second chance for a new home, I love knowing that each piece is a product of great craftsmanship and is unique with its own character & story to tell. 

I am so very humbled to have my artwork carried here and already can't wait for my next visit to see what's new (or in some cases reclaimed, hehe)!  If you haven't yet made a visit to this awesome shop, please be sure to check it out! For more information on Stand Up Eight, click here! Happy Aloha Friday Everyone! :)

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