Friday, September 6, 2013

Long Time No See!

Oh my good goshness it has definitely been a while since my last blog post!  I hope this belated entry finds everyone happy and doing very well! 

Boy do I believe in living in the moment and taking things a day at a time, but those moments & time still seems to seriously fly by!  As I've learned (and am reminded daily)  Life. Just. Keeps. Going. Yes, sirs & ma'ams, life is one big, non-stop, one way golden ticket taking us from on adventure to the next.  These past couple months have definitely been non-stop and jam-packed with seeing old friends, meeting new ones and has been a constant learning process all the way through....where do I even begin!? Here we go with a little recap, cliffnoted version on what's been going down:

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD!  My best friend was back in town for her wedding!  I've known this girl since Grade-K and had such an amazing time celebrating this new beginning in her life!  It was a privilege being her Maid of Honor and being a part of such a special day!  It was truly priceless spending time with old friends & making new ones as we all came together to share so much love and excitement for the newlyweds! Speaking of reunited and time flying by (and also feeling kind of...old?!), also attended my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend and had a blast! :)

We're changing up some things for the cafe and have been playing around with new menu items such as fresh pressed juices & smoothies!  We are so excited and happy to offer these newbies to the menu packed with natural goodness and nutrients (and not only are they good for you, they taste soooo goood!).  It's definitely been a constant learning process as Thanh and I discover new ways we want to utilize the cafe- mainly to provide a space for creativity, bringing people together and being able to exercise sustainability & supporting local.  Stay tuned, there's more to come as we build up our new cafe & menu!

I've been going through a pineapple phase lately. I have recently grown a huge soft spot for this delectable fruit let me tell you! I even doodled one as I patiently waited a few days for it to ripen before I hacked it open (and even juiced!).  Pineapple Guru Thanh has taught me his trick at picking a sweet pineapple: smell the bottom of the pineapple; if it has a strong, sweet pineapple's good for the pickin'! (If you can picture me individually picking up and smelling each pineapple butt in the market, it wouldn't be so far from the truth haha!).

That may do it for some of the main highlights since my last entry.  I'm definitely learning something new everyday (even random facts about sloths?!) and am hoping to be better at updating and sharing all things to come!  Lots of Aloha to you all on this wonderful Friday!

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