Friday, May 2, 2014


Always love supporting our local businesses here in Hawaii! One in particular that's a new favorite and definitely worth a visit is Treehouse!  This very cool shop located in Kaka'ako has all kinds of great tools & supplies that promote endless creativity and fun for everyone!

Every time I walk into Treehouse, I weirdly morph into being a kid in a candy store (true story I tell you)!  You'll find an array of goodies and gifts including film cameras, camera accessories, art supplies and fun DIY art & craft kits and more!

Great news! Treehouse is now carrying supplies for film processing, too!  The countless good times, adventures & friendships gained in taking up photography in college are priceless and remain with me still today!  There's just something so wonderful about the whole experience of learning film photography--learning to reel your own film, shooting, printing in the darkroom and just having the freedom to be creative! I'm over the moon happy that Treehouse gives current and future students this opportunity in providing the essentials for our local photography programs here on Oahu!

I'm so happy to have met Treehouse owner Bobby Asato. He is doing an amazing job providing the space and supplies to promote creativity for all ages!  Keep a look out for their awesome upcoming workshops & camera swapmeets, too!  For more information on Treehouse click here!

Definitely stop by for a visit to Treehouse and let's continue to support our local businesses! Select Mistprint items are currently available here, too!  Wishing you all a great Aloha Friday and a fun upcoming weekend! :)

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