Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Tea Farm Cafe!

If you're a little like me and appreciate a nice cup of tea, enjoy a cozy place to study (or meet up & talk story with friends!), or just have the urge to try something new...a visit to The Tea Farm Cafe is a definite must!

It's amazing how much varieties of tea you'll find here!  Ranging from Green, Black, Herbal, Fruity, Decaf, Iced or Hot... the choices are endless!  Be sure to check out their cute shelf of sample teas--pick a jar to sample the aroma or to read about the tea's origins & benefits!

 Not only will you find an amazing assortment of teas here, but check out their menu for a bite to eat or indulge on one of their sweet treats (LOVE their homemade tiramisu)!

Ervin & his Tea Farm staff have always made each visit a welcoming one! He's even got my order down to a "tea" (tee hee!)...but instead of getting my usual on my last visit (which fyi is a strawberry black iced tea slightly sweetened! YUM!), I decided to be "adventurous" in ordering something different which led to a Mango Rooibos iced tea (which was pretty gosh darn good!).

Definitely give The Tea Farm Cafe a visit and enjoy supporting our local businesses! You'll also find select Mistprint items available here, too! Wishing you all a "tea-riffic" day!!! :D

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